Clients of CIS Insulation Services Our insulation clients come from a wide range of sectors - Petrochemical, Construction, Water, Gas, Heating and Ventilation, Pharmaceutical and more [ 12 JUL 2010 ]
Health & Safety, Environment & Quality At Consolidated Insulation Services, we take Health and Safety Seriously. So, if you want to make sure your insulation complies with all legislation, talk to us. [ 12 JUL 2010 ]
Meet the CIS Team Meet the Consolidated Insulation Services' team - we're all highly experienced and would be very happy to help with your insulation project. [ 09 JUL 2010 ]
Contact [ 04 MAY 2010 ]
About Consolidated Insulation Services (CIS) Ltd For industrial or commercial insulation or electric trace heating, CIS has the experience and expertise you need. Find out more about us today. [ 04 MAY 2010 ]
Thermal Insulation & Trace Heating Contractors UK | CIS Ltd Whether you need industrial or commercial insulation or electric trace heating, CIS's specialised service brings together experienced contractors, expert engineers and the best materials to give you a service that meets your insulation needs [ 04 MAY 2010 ]
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